A glance at the deep black night sky describes the timeless elegance of this African granite. Unrivalled in its color depth, it is the symbol of absolute black. The character of the Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe is profound, mysterious, timeless and modern, and it can be seamlessly integrated into almost any environment.


Nero Assoluto is quarried in Zimbabwe, in southern Africa. Our three extraction sites are located north of Mutoko and are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery such as large excavators, wheel loaders and wire saws. The quarried blocks, with their size and regular shape, comply with the highest quality standards.


Once extracted as a block, Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe can be transformed into various shapes: from thin slabs up to beautiful cut to size objects. For the processing of these products we have long-term partners worldwide. Nikolaus Bagnara S.p.A. takes care of all international demands.  


As if the stone were not a work of art in and of itself, the beauty of nature is emphasized even more in architectural masterpieces. National and international partners use the granite Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe with pleasure for their amazing projects worldwide.

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